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Bulk E-mail India, Unlimited E-mail per month for Rs 3000/-

Send unlimited E-mails per month to your customers in a professionally designed manner. Design your e-mail newsletters in WYSIWYG editor which supports HTML and Text both formats. Easily add images, HTML content, videos to your newsletters.

With our bulk e-mail solution you can send millions of e-mails per day (kindly note we do not allow sending SPAM e-mails and will block accounts those who send SPAM e-mails).

Our bulk e-mail solution is designed to send millions of e-mails per day with a default speed of 28000+ emails per hour which can be increased upto 1 lakh e-mails per hour with our cluster based solution. Since its more a newsletter service then a SPAM e-mail racket we provide our customers a dedicated server with unique IP address which is linked to their domain name and with proper DNS entries which somewhat reduces the chances of your mail landing into SPAM or JUNK folder of the e-mail service provider. We also keep a check on global e-mail IP blacklist service providers so that your e-mails won't get blocked before reaching to your target audiance.

Our bulk e-mail or newsletter solution provides a way for your customers to add or remove themselves with a single click which is a mandatory parameter of CAN SPAM ACT (for US only).